Dogs 101 Winterview (#2)

The second Winterview, featuring the Dogs 101 class and one of Grand Rapids’ K9 units, Officer Thompson and his partner, Kilo, a German Shepherd.


Group 4: In the Classroom

Group 4 has been trying to go around to each classrooms and take photos .  Our end goal is to get group photos of all of the classes. You can see our first one one below. Be sure to check back on Thursday for more group photos!

Here is the Mechanics Winterim class posing with car parts. They’ve been learning anything and everything they can about cars this week! Continue reading

Group Three: Looking for Jesus?

Our favorite class to visit was “Spanish in the Community”, where they learned how to celebrate Día de Tres Reyes. To celebrate this holiday, they shared a pastry that has a Jesus figuring hidden somewhere inside, waiting to be discovered. The suspense and anticipation could be felt around the room!

In this picture, Jenna Oezer, has the bread for the Día de Tres Reyes. 

Enjoying the anticipation of finding Jesus.

Sophomore, Molly Jacobs, attempts to eat the last piece of cake in hopes to find the Jesus figuring.