Group 2: Students Exploring Their Creative Sides

We’ve learned a lot from our Capturing Winterim class so far. Everyone has enjoyed being able to see how different people can discover all the different gifts that God has given us. We’ve researched how to portray ourselves on social media to interact with our community. Some things that we’ve learned from our teachers Andrew Prium and Megan Schroder are how to use Facebook to connect with the alumni and older side of our audience and also how to use social media that we’re familiar with in different ways. Our main focus has mostly consisted of exploring the school and visiting different classes to capture their experiences. We also have been trying to improve our current photography skills by experimenting with some of the settings on our cameras and/or phones. Some of our favorites are pictured below.

Students in the “Barista Life” class design mugs and express their creative abilities.


Cake decorating class practices their icing and attention to detail.


Artists in the “Pinterest with Power Tools “class paint puzzle pieces for kids in preschool.


Students in “How to Win at Game Night” learn new strategies in various card games.



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