Group 3: It’s All In the Brand

Our group dove in to the topic of branding and marketing. By watching videos and reading content, we became familiar with some of the basics of branding. We learned that a logo is more than just an image. It represents the idea behind the brand. Companies choose a simple collection of colors and fonts that can eventually become associated with that company in particular. For example everyone knows Coca-Cola is red and white.

High schools can also make a specific colors, logos, and text their own. As a group, we applied these skills to the Winterim17 brand. Along with the GRCHS staple colors, we made Winterim17 unique by adding gold.

Joel and Eva getting ready to take off on a ski trip!

Ayva and Charlie bonding in Life Together

Capturing Winterim student Gabe caught while capturing Winterim.

We are so excited for another week of capturing all the awesome stuff that goes on during Winterim. Stay posted by visiting the blog here and our various social media accounts!


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